Dementia Advisers and Community Falls Service

In 2016 we held a public engagement seeking views about two improvements to services, which South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) was proposing to make with local partners including South Gloucestershire Council, Sirona care & health, and the Alzheimer's Society.

These two services were the provision of Dementia Advisors in three clusters, and a Community Falls Service across South Gloucestershire.

Details of the two services and what we heard from patients, carers and the public, and what changed as a result are set out in the reports available below.

Listening to your views

As with all of our commissioning decisions, we are committed to involving patients, carers and the public in the development of our plans.

We ran a short survey from 23 May to 8 July 2016 asking for your views, and the engagement reports below detail what we heard, and our responses.

Feedback we received during the engagement process was taken forward and there are now Dementia Advisors in place in three of the clusters which have been funded for a year until July 2017.

There are three different models of Dementia Advisors in place across all of the six clusters and this provides us with an excellent opportunity to evaluate the benefits and opportunities of each. An evaluation of all posts will be undertaken and will support and inform the business case to be developed for longer term funding.

The Community Falls Service has been funded for 3 years and we will continue to evaluate patient experience, by demonstrating its impact on people’s quality of life after a fall and reducing the number of people admitted to hospital following a fall.

Supporting People to Live Well

These two projects were part of a broader piece of work with our colleagues in South Gloucestershire Council to consult on three draft strategies on:

  • Falls Prevention and Bone Health Strategy
  • Dementia Strategy
  • Understanding and supporting the needs of carers: The Carers Strategy.

Together we are calling these three strategies 'Supporting People to Live Well' strategies, and they interlink with the Dementia Advisors and Community Falls Services.

Consultation for the three strategies was held in 2016. The strategies are now being reviewed and final drafts will be written along with action plans detailing how the priorities set by the CCG and council will be met. These will be published on these pages in due course.

Dementia Advisors engagement feedback report

Community Falls engagement feedback report

Read the dementia strategy on the South Gloucestershire Council website .